Why Do We Keep Complaining About Politics? 

Everytime I talk to someone about the current government, or search the hashtag “#nbpoli” which is short for New Brunswick politics, I see or hear complaint after complaint. 

Is it because the current government is the problem? Or perhaps people are just never satisfied. 

Maybe we keep voting the same parties in and we are kept in the same cycle of power/control.

I’m scratching my head because I see the same repeating pattern when it comes to politics, but nothing being done about it. 

Liberals in control, complaints. 

Progressive Conservatives in control, complaints.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Surely these poltical parties must have some favourable qualities. 

The Liberal government have given me my right to be protected from discrimination as a trangender women, same sex couples the right to marry, and also have covered the cost of gender reassignment surgery. Those are just a few major pieces of legislation that mean the world to me. 

The Conservative government got us out of the recession with a deficit of $55.6 billion in 2009 to then reducing it to $1 billion by 2015 election. Provincially, under David Alward the mill in Miramichi Bushville area reopened after years of being closed. 

Both parties have made decisions that were not favourable such as increasing taxes, decreasing hospital beds in New Brunswick, etc. 

No political party is perfect, and they will never satisfy everyone.

Regardless, the population consistently seems to flip back and forth between the two and then complain when either is in control. 

Why not vote for another party?

As a society we have the voice to make change. We determine where our vote goes when we go to the polls. It’s not as if we are in shortage of poltical parties.

NDP, Green Party, Peoples Alliance of NB are all other options. How do we know if these parties are unable to govern if we never give them a chance? 

We can’t say we always vote the same. Maybe some of us do, but clearly most of us don’t or the polls would never fluctuate to contribute to the cycle of Liberal, Conservative, Liberal, then Conservative that we have seen sense forever. 

The first time I voted it was during the New Brunswick provincial election of 2014. I had fully intended on voting for another candidate but that individual didn’t register for advanced polls so their name was not on the ballot. 

I had three options, Liberal Party, Peoples Alliance of NB, and Progressive Conservative Party. 

I voted for Jake Stewart.

(Image: Provincial Election Results 2014  Southwest Miramichi- Bay du Vin via Wikipedia) 

Currently as of today Brian Gallant (Liberal) has 26 seats, Blaine Higgs (Conservative) has 22 seats, David Coon (Green Party) has one in the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly.  

With a election on the way in 2018 who knows what will happen. One thing we all have to do is stop complaining about poltics when all political parties make poor decisions, and we have the vote to shift the change. 

If you are uncertain where you stand on poltical issues compared to a poltical party, you can use sites like iSideWith to see how your beleifs match with policies of political parties on subjects like National Security, Education, Healthcare etc. 

(Image: My own ISideWith Results)

I took the quiz and my results were that I side with NDP on the majority of poltical issues, 71% to be exact. Which is not a surprise to me as I voted for that party in the last Federal Election. 

Please remember, that the site is to be used as a guide and not as a concrete tool you should follow without waver. You have to remember that every politician is different. If they were a member before, look at their voting history, things they did to successfully change your area or way of life in a postive way. 

So ultimelty, I personally always vote for the person. I rarely complain about who is in power, because I know its not permanent. 

In the end, we must all use our vote to make a change. If we as a society are not happy with the cycle of Liberal, Conservative, repeat. We have to do something about it. If you are happy with how things are, keep doing what your doing!


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