Maritime Nightline is coming in September, but that is not the only new thing coming.

I took time off to focus on many things, one of which is apparel which will be released at the end of September. 

There will be four designed t-shirts that all embody a common goal #StopTheHate 

• Stop Normalizing Hate Tee •

I chose this specific design because “Normalized Hate” has been growing. Just because you don’t agree with someones, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, or even race does not give you the right to say its your opinion. 

Having a opinion that hates someone for who they are as a human being is unacceptable and thinking it is okay adds to “Normalized Hate” that is going on in the world today. 

• Beauty Has No Labels Tee •

 Society often judges people on their outwards appearance. It is the first thing we see before we get to know someone. 

Often times people let someones appreance stop them from seeing what someone has in their heart.

Beauty has no rules. Therefore beauty has no labels!
• Stop Online Hate Tee •

 Social media has become a common place for people to unload their hatred for someone they don’t like for whatever reason.

It’s never okay to use social media to try to bully, or write a message of hate towards someone regardless if you like them or not.

I designed this shirt to show that when you spread hate online it shows people who you are as a person. 

• Be Quiet Tee •

As the saying goes “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”. 


Available online at Kylie Stewart Shop & select retail locations at the end of September!❤️



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