Politics: Darryl McKinnon is running to be the future Miramichi Riding PC Candidate!

Hello , my name is Darryl McKinnon. 
I am taking this opportunity to announce that I will be seeking the PC nomination for the riding of Miramichi.

I moved here in 1980 from Yarmouth, NS when I was 13 yrs of age. Upon graduation I went to work for our local pulp and paper industry , Repap Miramichi (later called UPM), in 1988. After the permanent closure of that in 2007.

I have been married for 24 years to my beautiful wife Doris. We have two amazing kids, Sarah 19 and Cody 17.

I have seen Miramichi grow and I have bared witness to its shrinking with the collapse of our forestry industry. I know we can do better! 

And I want to be a strong voice for the riding of Miramichi. I intend to be an honest and hard working MLA for the Miramichi riding voters. 

Someone who WILL be there for any and all town hall meetings, regardless of the situation!

I will be there when needed. I will be there when called upon. I would be FOR the people of my riding first, and foremost.

I have proven myself to many in this community, and will continue to! I have been on a different boards, and offered opinions and listened to others. I have been past President of Newcastle Downtowns and a member of 1Voice. I know I can bring about the very best for Miramichi. 

I appreciate your support.

Thank you.


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5 replies

  1. why not help with the drugs in the Miramichi no one seems to be doing a thing and it is destroying children and grandchildren. The goverment is more interested in catching the illegal smokes coming in and not the drug problem and mean while the youth and young adults are basically being thrown to the wolf . We need someone to take a stand for the Miramichi


    • I will make myself available for that !! DEFINITELY !!!
      I would be more than willing to meet and work with Council and City Police to curb this !! – Darryl


      • I hope you do cause the children of our community are suffering when they don’t have to . We all need to show a strong stand against the drugs destroying our community and the children (futer) of our community . Illeagal cigs are a minor issue compared to the drug problem . Save our children…..


  2. You might have the best interest of the people at heart Darryl …BUT ..your running for the WRONG PARTY … The Good Old Boy’s of the Conservatives or Liberals will soon put you in your place …You do what They say Not the People…. Only the People’s Alliance will Stand for the People …You have lived here long enough to know that haven’t you ???


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