Politics: Rick Lafrance is the new President of PCNB! 

Blaine Higgs Leader of the PC Party of New Brunswick welcomed the new president of the party Rick Lafrance via his Facebook page yesterday (Sept 17th 2017)

Lafrance is no stranger to politics as he was formally defeated for nomination as a Liberal candidate in 2014 he was only 74 votes short of winning against his opponent T.J Harvey at the time. (more details: CLICK HERE)

However, Lafrance did not let that stop him as he has worked hard ever sense which all came to a climax Saturday (Sept 16th 2017) as he was offically elected the President of the Conservative Party of New Brunswick!

A party whos main goals are for a “Stronger economy! Stronger families! & Stronger future” of the province and the people according to their website http://pcnb.ca/

I reached out to Rick Lafrance and asked him what he is looking forward to as the new president of the party.

His response was:

“I am honoured to have been elected by party members this past weekend. I will be working closely with all PC riding Presidents, to ensure that we form the next government. Every voter in N.B. Is important to us and I encourage everyone to listen to Blaine’s message. This election is about the people of N.B. First, and politics second. We are getting our election teams ready, I invite anyone that would like to volunteer, or run for political office to contact myself or any MLA. Politics is fun, and very engaging. PC youth are looking for new members, they are organized and have a strong voice.”


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