N.B Women conveys a message of “grateful to be alive” after accident. 

A 19 year old women from Tracadie-Sheila took to Facebook to express a message of being grateful after a accident that took place on Friday Sept 15th 2017 on the Route 126 on her way towards Rogersville, N.B. 

Geneviève Flowers-Boucher posted the results to a local Moncton Newschaser group on Facebook.

Geneviève statement: 

This was the result of the car accident that happened Friday night at around 10pm on Route 126 heading towards Rogersville. I am one of the 3 survivors (no fatalities) and the most severely injured. My boyfriend (the driver) lost control of the car and we flipped 6 times… he suffered minor injuries and other friend wasn’t injured. I suffered from a severed trauma to the ankle and almost lost my foot.. However I am so grateful to be alive!!! I still have a few surgeries ahead of me but that’s a small price to pay for my life!

Geneviève said 

“I had went to Moncton to get this tattoo done at KBS tattoos and we crashed on our way home.”


The family is raising money to cover travel expenses to see their daughter as they live three hours away. 

They have set up a GoFundMe to donate CLICK HERE


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