Bathurst News: City Council updates Halloween bylaws

Last year the Bathurst Mayor and council came under extreme media attention for changing the bylaw in regards to the age and curfew for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

The bylaw was changed in 2016 to implement teens over the age of 14 not allowed to go door to door for trick-or-treating. It also cut the curfew to 7pm AST.

Currently, they are updating the bylaw to switch the crewfew to 8pm AST and changing the age limit to 16 years of age. The offical change is not projected to be implemented until October.

What happens if you are found breaking the bylaw?

If caught out after 8PM AST while having a mask disguise on or trick-or-treating over the age of sixteen you could inccur a $200 fine!

Some citizens are still not happy with the updates and think there should be no rules when it comes to Halloween.

What are your thoughts?


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6 replies

  1. This is ridiculous!! 200$ fine!?


  2. Geez, how bad are the kids in Bathurst? 7pm curfew (I know it got changed)? We are barely starting our trick or treating at 7. I think someone on council must hate Halloween or kids having fun.


    • Their is also a bylaw restricting kids under the age of 16yrs old that cannot be roaming the streets after 11pm. They also want to ban forepitts at the comfort of your own home so no more roasting marshmallows with family these laws are absurd. Kids cannot be kid’s anymore this city council is pathetic.


  3. As long as they go to school they should be able to trick or treat!! When I’m out of treats, I just put a sign in the window to let them know, never had any problems. This little girl I know is 15 and she is 6’2”, she is still a little girl!!!!


  4. This is so stupid Halloween is for everybody. I grew up when Alan Legere was running around and they didn’t do this so why are they trying to ruin a another fun time for kids.


  5. Back lorne we have about 30 kids left and this halloween 🎃 ill be making treats for 80 and hoping i have enough. Its crazy when the kids have to leave home to come back lorne just to enjoy their night.
    The ppl f bathurst needs to stand for their and stop this law!


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