Bathurst News: Online comments suggest you can teach or dress kids to be LGBTQ+!   

Earlier this week on Monday (September 18, 207), Olivier Maltby a member of the Bathurst Newschaser group which currently has over 8,000 members had asked other members a very simple question..

“If Bathurst had a pride parade, would you attend?”

The thread has sense grown to get around 300 reactions and almost 500 comments. 

Bathurst, N.B is a small city in the northern part of the province with a population over 12,000 people. 

A good portion of the comments were positive with people saying they would support by attending, some even offering to make “colourful cupcakes” for the end of the parade. 

Then of course there was the few that argued the need for a parade when heterosexuals don’t have one. 

What came shocking was the people that commented ignorance to the extent of stating that kids could be taught to be gay, or even be dressed up as a LGBTQ individual. 


Fact: Identifying as a member of the LGBTQ community has nothing to do with what you wear or what you were taught. 

We’re not costumes, & we’re not a subject in school. You will never take a course titled: How To Be LGBTQ 101!

These types of people are the same that try to say “its my opinion” when asked why they say these types of things. 

The difference is, it’s not a opinion, it’s ignorance. 

I reached out to Olivier Maltby, age 31 who is a resident of Bathurst, N.B and is a member of the LGBTQ community who said he would love to have Bathurst’s 1st Pride! 

What has life been like for Maltby living in Bathurst, N.B?

According to him, there was once a time he was “threatened to be run over with a truck and crucified” by a citizen in the community. 

Maltby said that person has sense apologized years later and he forgave him. 

As for places the LGBTQ community can get together to support each other Olivier said in his younger years there was a bar in the nearby village of Petit Rocher, N.B that was fun, however is now closed. 

There also was a camping weekend the members of the community used to have every Labour Day long weekend which has loss traction over the years. 

In his words, “the scene has definitely vanished”.

Overall, Maltby says that life as a gay man in Bathurst, N.B is still good, & that he has many friends that support him, but from some of the comments made on the thread “there is obviously work to be done!”

Some other positive comments from members of the community were 

“Reading some comments and realizing how narrow minded people are. I don’t care what the colour is of your skin, of what national origin you are or what sexual orientation you prefer. What matters is that we are all human, looking for love, looking for peace. If you’re not a bully, not a terrorist then peace and love be with you. To each his/her own. I am definitely in support of a pride parade Olivier. Kudos to you to bringing this to the forefront.” – Donna Thibodeau 

“We’re going to need extra butter on that popcorn, it might be a long night, always some negativity, gay, straight, black, white….why not!!!” – Debbie Mcdonnell 


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