N.B Liberal government increased taxes by $261M in one year & net debt is $13.8B!

The auditor general report is set to be released on Tuesday morning, however the financial statements for the year are already on gnb.ca 

The financial statement revealed “savings” of $23.7M were found however, Page 9 actually reveals that taxes were raised by $261M sense the previous fiscal year. 

On Twitter many seemed to think the Liberal government was actually saving us money, but @TroyLifford was quick to point out that there was no real savings, as they just increased taxes to generate more revenue.  

After looking into the statements on page 9 it clearly shows  the increase of $261M in taxes over the course of one fiscal year.

Many called out the government for trying to make it look like their fiscal managment was on point. 

However, of course if you bring in more money and pose a higher budget that you don’t spend at the end of the year it will look great, but looking closer at what cost? 

One word, Taxpayers.

This also comes at a time that the provinces debt has now reached $13.8B! So much for “Listening and Getting Things Done!”

If you wish to review the ‘Consolidated Financial Statements for 2017’ you can by CLICKING HERE


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