Opinion: Heres why voting conservative is the only choice I have.

The Liberal government has done a lot of things that are important to me. As a transgender female, being able to have gender reassignment surgery at no cost has been a major move in the right direction for people like myself.

The ability to now change my gender marker without even having the surgery, and adding gender expression and gender identity to the Human Rights Act was also amazing! The reality is though, that the majority of these changes were forced by federal government, not provincial.

What I mean by that is the changes were happening regardless of the provincial governments stance on the issue, the only thing the provincial government had to vote one was the amendment to change the gender marker.

The rest of the things I have seen from the New Brunswick Liberal government makes me worried about the future of my generation. Taxes were increased by $261M within one fiscal year, and it brought in more revenue but the truth of the matter is, it was not enough!

You would think that the increase would have us at least remain the same, but the spending has actually just countered the entire situation and our provincial debt has now been raised to $13.8B!

Ultimately, I would love for our provincial political parties to work together to get things done. To bring in more jobs, better revenue based industries to take the burden off the taxpayers, but in reality that won’t happen with a Liberal majority government as we are seeing.

I’m not against any political party, I’m against hurting the taxpayers that are already burnt out from everyone taking our money. It’s scary to think that when my generation grows up that we may have to work two, or three jobs just to survive.

Imagine, the mental health aspect that goes along with the stress of trying to survive to live. I can guarantee that it will only get worse if major changes are not made. Money does not fall from the sky, and everyone is already paying more, more, more, and more with no increase to pay.

Small businesses are going to be paying even more with the new tax increase, which is going to harm all New Brunswickiers as doctors are already taking a stand saying they are willing to relocate. That’s exactly what we need, as if we didn’t already have a shortage.

So why is the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick my only option?

Well, it would honestly be great to see a third party have control. Peoples Alliance, Green Party, or NDP, it would be nice to see what they would do with total control. However, we are far from a time that we will see a majority government from any of them.

New Brunswick has a aged population that are diehard Liberal or Conservatives. So it’s going to remain that way until the younger generations grow up to counter the vote of the aging population.

Probably in another fifteen to twenty years will we really see a third party become the official opposition if not a majority government!

Reality is, we don’t have fifteen to twenty years. We need to start making major changes now or we all will suffer. The conservatives are pro pipeline and we need something other than forestry where we loose money every year, or tax increases.

Generating a economy strictly by hurting the people’s pockets is not smart, its dangerous. Just ask Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI.

If Stephen Harper can balance a budget for a entire country why can’t Brian Gallant stop our provincial debt from increasing? One word, spending!

The only other party that could fix the issue is the Progressive Conservative party of New Brunswick. The pipeline would create more jobs, and revenue for the entire province. Marijuana if done like Colorado would generate the maximum profit for the province, generating millions in revenue.

The Liberal government wants to privatize our healthcare services and thats just the beginning. All privatization does is lessen their work load by handing it over to a company that charges taxpayers more.

You see what has happened when you ask them not to, look at the petition with over 11,000 signatures of New Brunswickiers against the P3 model nursing home in Miramichi, N.B. they are doing what they want regardless. So much for “Listening and Getting Things Done”!

Many people might think that the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick is anti LGBTQ+ which is entirely untrue. Does every Conservative party member agree with gay marriage or trans rights, probably not. However, you can’t say every Liberal party member agrees with them either.

I met Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick in a dress and heels as a transgender female and he did not treat me any different than the next person. Nor did anyone at their parties events. This is Canada, not America. They are not going to take our rights away, Higgs platform is about a better New Brunswick for ALL! Not a dictatorship where one does what they want without listening to thousands of petition signers.

I can’t say the same for the Liberal government, every time I called a Liberal MLA to ask a question I’ve gotten a defensive attitude with a bullshit answer.

In my own riding a person for the Liberal party has come forward seeking nomination to be the official candidate for the 2018 provincial election. The entire reason they are running is because they were upset about the comments the current conservative MLA made about a local festival.

Wrong reasons to get involved. If you are going to put your name forward you make sure that the reason your running is for people, not because your feelings were hurt by one man that spoke up for the people that voted for him.

The final reason I’m voting for the conservative party is because a vote for anything but will split the vote and keep the Liberal government that is hurting taxpayers exactly where they are. I want Brian Gallant to know that we can’t afford this, we need something better, and I’m willing to place my hope for a better New Brunswick in the Progressive Conservative Party of N.B.


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  1. By voting Conservative you are getting the same as a Liberal …Some one who sits in Fredricton & dances to the Tune of the Party Leader …Not for the People who they are suppose to represent …Same old Same old… You have meet the leader of the People’s Alliance ..Kris Austin ..And I think he treated you with every bit of respect as he does anyone …And as far as Splitting the vote … Who ever said we Owe our vote to the Liberals or Conservatives ???…That is what they have been telling people for years ..That they are the Only one’s who can run the Province …Well they have Run it into the Ground… It’s time for change alright ..Big change & the People’s Alliance are The Only Party to make that change … It doesn’t have to be Years down the road …Tell your reader’s especially the younger ones to Vote for Change Now …32% of people Didn’t vote in the last election ..Most because they are feed up with the same Old thing … You want change ?? Then vote People’s Alliance or be prepared for the … Same Old Thing !!!


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