‘Storm Alliance’ is protesting Trudeau’s immigration policy today across N.B.

There have been many speculations that there will be protests nationwide today as Neo-Nazis in Peterborough are protesting against Trudeau’s immigration policy.

There are reports of protests in other cities across the country, including St. Stephen, N.B and Fredericton, N.B where other groups have set up a counter protest they are calling ‘Silent Gathering’ to ‘Resist Hate’.

The Facebook page ‘No One is Illegal-Fredericton’ stated

“It’s especially important to attend events like this, because white nationalist and neo-nazis plan to rally across the country tomorrow, including at a location in Southwestern NB.”

That Southwestern part of New Brunswick they referred to is St. Stephen, N.B! The ‘Official Storm Alliance Rally. St Stephen NB Sept 30th’ page on Facebook posted on September 11th stating:

“Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to consider making a stand with us. All patriots interested even non-members such as myself are welcomed to attend. 

We are a citizens group that are holding a protest against the liberal governments actions on not having secure borders. To make a stand opposing the government’s assault on the middle class by taxing small business owners. To unite against the liberal ideas of overspending as they send billions of taxpayer dollars to other countries while refusing to help hardworking Canadian families here and the broken promises to the First Nations or Indigenous people. 

The exact location of the meeting ground will be disclosed at at later time. Please like and share to help get the word out!”

Their latest post was on Sept 28th and asked anyone that was joining the rally to message their Facebook page. No word yet on any protests in the area as a source told us they could not get a permit in St. Stephen.

However, in Fredericton, N.B the Storm Alliance is out protesting, Twitter user @jordandannygill confirmed.

There are reports of the Storm Alliance in Niagra Falls today and other major cities. This is looking like a nationwide issue.


Alexander Cheney took to Facebook to express his enthusiasm for being apart of the counter protest in St. Stephen, N.B.

We will update this article as soon as more information becomes available! 


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