Have drugs taken over Miramichi, N.B?

In a lengthy post on Facebook Tasha Leah Von Richter called out the city of Miramichi saying “It’s safe to say that the drugs have taken over Miramichi New Brunswick!”

Richter thinks that the issue should be addressed and believes its a “crisis” thats on the verge of becoming an “emergency”.

She said she used to be “proud to say I was a Miramichier”, but since the drug problem has grown Richter said that people can no longer take their kids anywhere without having to “watch where we walk”. In fear of stepping on a needle. 

Miramichi has become “a town full of walking zombies and thiefs” she said. Also stating that her “heart goes out” to anyone that struggles with drug addiction. Then she ended it all by saying “there is NOT enough help” for those struggling! 

Richter is right, there is not enough help and its not something that is widely discussed openly. The post has gathered around thirty shares and over fifty comments with many agreeing that it is an issue! While others are saying, drugs are everywhere. 

What are your thoughts?  


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  1. Drugs can be found in all communities, Miramichi is no different. As far as finding needles, this is not a new problem. While out for walks I’ve often found used needles for over a decade at several locations throughout Miramichi from the car wash in former Newcastle to the parking lot of the golden hawk and the playground at big brothers big sisters. I find people are making more of a stink about it as of late but the reason why escapes me as it it far from being a new issue. When it comes to helping individuals in recovery there is never enough help. Just a thought.


  2. A family member of mine had just moved back to miramichi after 6 months of being clean here outwest it hasn’t even been 24 hours an she’s already back doing drugs in miramichi ! The problem is that it’s to accessible there ! 25% of people who live there r seniors , another 25% r hard working sober people while the other 50% stem from all ages starting as young as 12 years old to people in there 60s who are on drugs and or selling drugs bottom line is it needs to be addressed An for years people have been ignoring it in miramichi ! Yes it happens everywhere but atleast other provinces r taking a stand An trying to fight this as for miramichi we just push it to the back burner turn r backs An ignore it the point of this status is to get it out there make people talk so that something can actually be done the community needs to come togeather as one to fight this or it’s going to destroy that town an I have way to many friends An family there to sit An watch while it all goes to shit ! Enough is enough ! I’m not worried about everywhere else it is happening because everywhere else is actually doing something about it where as miramichi is doing nothing !!!!


  3. Your opinion on this & her rant about it are so vastly off base. Drugs are a problem in most communities & they’ve been a problem here for at least 40-45 years. Stop perpetuating a stereotype about our city.


    • My opinion was that there isn’t enough help. So I would respectfully disagree that its “vastly off base” when many are struggling! You also can’t suggest its been a problem for 40-45 years in Miramichi then say its a stereotype about the city. Which is it?


  4. Wow. It happens everywhere else so we are just suppose to ignore it. Everywhere you look there is poison on our streets. I can name 10 individuals right now near me who sell or suffer from it. People I knew growing up, even family members. Almost one member of every family in Miramichi suffer from this issue. Let’s keep defending it and watch our city, surrounding areas, and families be torn apart from the inside. It’s an epidemic that people don’t want to admit is happening.


  5. My 5 year old son went fishing with his dad the other day, when they came home my boyfriend said to me, I need to tell you about something. We go I to another room, my heart is sinking in fear. Then he continues to tell me that my son had found a used needle on the beach. Now even tho I have told him time and time again to never pick things like that up , he did anyways. Turned to his dad and said “look what found, what is it”
    Now come on if your going to be a user, at least be responsible enough not to leave your junk behind for an innocent child to find and potentially get sick from. It’s saddens me to think we.have to be on such high alert at all times even when trying to relax and have fun. I guess what I am saying is miramichi has more than a drug problem, miramichi has gotten lost and we need help. Thanks


  6. I lived there for three years and those in the dark at how just truly awful Miramichi is are usually the ones who have extremely limited knowledge of anything but Miramichi. The one year i was there Miramichi was rated 173 out if 175 Canadian cities. By experts. Who know. Wake up and fix that gaping cesspool. Or your poor children are doomed to suffer from all the heads in the sand.


  7. Drug addiction is a symptom of bigger problems.

    The issues that would cause a decline in drug addiction include but aren’t limited to: poverty, family coherence, mental health resources, unemployment, underemployment, overperscription of narcotics, a strong positive community and support system, and an increase in recreational activities/facilities.

    Personally, I think for too long we have been vilifying the victims of greater societal and communal problems as a way to avoid facing the harder issues. It’s easier to talk down to, attack, and demonize the victims (in this case drug addicts) than to examine the issues that cause an increasing number of people to go down this path.

    Instead of bashing those whom use drugs and ostracizing them even more we should be doing our best to reach out and assist these people. We may not be able to save every person, but we can do our best to help as many as possible.

    After all each victim of drug addiction is a potential tax paying citizen contributing to economy and can help further our city, province, country, and society.


  8. That will help people with addictions, call them demons. With crystal meth and fentynol, the drug problem is worse, and it is unfortunate to see so many friends being a victim of it. But we shouldn’t demonize them or use outrageous words like “demon” over and over to describe the issue. This will not help, drugs have always plagued Miramichi as they probably do most communities. Shouting about demons will not help anyone. We need to come up with better solutions and I have always felt like a change in the mindset of the area could help. If we go to an extreme like this and see the drug problem as the only defining characteristic of Miramichi, where do we have to go from there if we believe that is all there is? Mindsets like this which are so negative just perpetuate pain and problems. The prevalence of this type of mindset is the reason I couldn’t stand being in Miramichi when I was younger, but I have either seen a change lately or am just seeing that not everyone is like that in the first place. I am not trying to attack Natasha, I understand where she is coming from because it is terrifying to see what is happening. I just hope that she and others can calm down and have a level head because we need as many of them as we can to solve whatever problems we face in our communities. A good start is a kindness to others, especially those with addictions because addictions most often come from pain and these people need help and love. There are a lot of great things happening in the city that wasn’t like new business continuing to open up, people moving back and new residence making more diversity.


    • We should keep in mind these aspects as well and think of ways we can help those with addictions because demonizing and shaming them or just thinking of them as criminals or bad will not help. This method of treating addictions and the “war on drugs” has not been successful so far, It’s time to change our mindset.


    • I don’t think she was calling the addicts as people “demons”… she was referring to the addiction itself, the demons that take you over and hold you captive after doing these drugs… she wasn’t singling people out or putting anyone down… the sad truth of today is that the drugs are only getting worse.. yes.. everywhere, but honestly.. not like here! Trying to hide the situation and act like everything is ok isn’t the solution either.. the drugs are the demons she was referring to.. the addiction, not the addicted!!


      • And she said “there is NOT ENOUGH HELP” for drug addiction/depression/anxiety… so finding ways to help is exactly what she was suggesting


  9. Yes drugs and theiving is a problem in slot of communities and that is sad of course but I believe the article was about our town not any other town. That we need to fix our town. We can’t help anyone else unless we fix our town first. Why jump and say things like it is everywhere, which is true but we don’t live everywhere we live on the Miramichi. It is here we need to concentrate on and when our town becomes safe again then we can talk about everywhere else. Just my opinion


  10. I’m in town every day walking, never seen a needle yet. I been sober for years now don’t hang around we’re the People are doing drugs and you not going to have that problem, it’s not just here it’s everywhere.


  11. The problem with miramichi , and the drug epidemic is that to many people walk around that town judging people, talking bad , putting each other down.

    There needs to be more acceptance. Because people do not accept others and judge and look down upon them, that sometimes pushes and causes people to do drugs so they do not have to think of the hard times, and how many people are judging or looking down upon each other.

    Accept, love, and help each other. You never know what each person has been through, if they have an opinion, try and put yourself in their shoes, and have compassion. Because our experiences in life define who we are.


  12. That place is a joke i moved my husband and family back in 97. The moment he stepped back on that soil, immediatley he is reconnected with the lowlifes of the miramichi. Right back into the same f*****g shit he ran from 4 yrs prior. Thats when the mental abuse started. His children have seen all the unthinkables. To try and correct something that an addiction has caused is some f*****g hard. To try and change their way of thinking is hard, i pray they have the strength to say enough. As for the Drug problem on the miramichi do what Vancouver and is doing kick the junkies out and bring in the old


  13. I was an opioid user for many years, thankfully I was able to pull enough of my shit together and go on methadone. That was many years ago, I recently finished my program and I am still sober. I have friends who use dope and I feel bad for them, but I don’t judge them. Maybe if people showed a little more compassion for others instead of being so quick to pass them by, to go and talk about others like they were nothing more than garbage. Not everyone chose to use drugs, I was in an accident and was prescribed narcotics by a.doctor and it went from there. Maybe if there was more to do around.here and more education on the subject, and not just the “drugs are bad so don’t do them” speech but real education on them , maybe that could be a.start.


  14. I think people are missing the point. It’s not about people individually but our community as a whole. The point is there is a drug problem in our community, as with everywhere. But, as a member of THIS particular community, our interests on the problem is based on what we see and know within the city we grew up in. People on drugs don’t wake up with a positive attitude about becoming an addict. So the suggestion of more help being offered or provided is only an idea of ways to help those directly affected by drugs and the families and friends of those people being indirectly affected. Yes drugs are EVERYWHERE! Being from Miramichi, this is where our hearts and sympathy are immediately feeling for the people we grew up beside and worked with and played with etc.


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