Canadian Politics: Jagmeet Singh named new federal leader of NDP!

Today 38-year-old Jagmeet Singh was officially named the new leader for the NDP federally. It all came after he acquired over 53% of the votes.

There were a total of 124,000 eligible party members votes.

Jagmeet won by 35,266 votes to be exact, and his his competitors never even came close to beating his numbers as their total voters were, Charlie Agnus with 12,705, Niki Ashton with 11,374, and Guy Carson with 6,164!

After the announcement Singh confidently said “I’m officially launching my campaign to be the next prime minister of Canada”!

Singh began his political career with his decision to run for Member of Parliament during the 2011 federal election but was defeated by a Conservative rival at the time. 

However, he became the Deputy Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party from 2015-2017, and before entering politics he was a trial lawyer.

What are some of Jagmeet Singh political views?


He has openly supported a $15 minimum wage increase. Also, during the NDP leadership race he said he wanted to create new tax brackets for the highest-income earners and raise corporate tax.

LGBTQ Rights:

Singh openly supports LGBTQ rights, while stating he would like the RCMP to have “LGBTQI2S+ competency training”. 

He also has advocated for people to be able to medically self-declare their gender identity, and wants to end the blood ban on men that sleep with men, and trans women that sleep with men.

Drug Policy:

When it comes to drugs Singh wants to decriminalize personal possession of all drugs, and believes in treating it as a medical issue instead of a criminal issue.

Singh campaign slogan is #LoveAndCourage 🇨🇦 



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