Politics: Liberal MP Wayne Long voted against Trudeau!

Since the proposed tax change that will restrict how small business owners can cut their taxes was put forward by Justin Trudeau, he has been faced with much criticism. 

Many have spoken against the proposed change, including doctors throughout the country. Some saying they will leave if the changes are made. Not only physicians but many politicians have spoken out against the proposed change, including Wayne Long, a Liberal MP for the riding of Saint John – Rothesay.

In parliament the Conservatives motioned to extend the consultation period before the finial decision on the issue was made. Which left all MP’s with a decision, to vote against or for the lengthening. Long decided to vote against his party and with the Conservative motion. 

The Liberal MP took to Facebook to express his decision on the motion stating:

Tonight I took a very hard decision to vote against my own party and in support of a Conservative motion that asked to lengthen the consultation period on the Tax Change proposals. 

I am a liberal. I’m proud to be progressive. 

I just can’t support a process that was only 75 days long that pitted people against each other. Doctors against Nurses, put Farmers on the defensive, and made Lawyers, Small Business and Professionals feel vilified. 

It’s not who we are as a party are what I believe in. 

I’m sorry to my colleagues who I know I’ve put in a very awkward position. I deeply regret this as you are such great representatives. 

I ran on being Saint John – Rothesay’s representative in Ottawa. Not Ottawa’s representative back home. 

I believe in my riding and it’s people and I’ll always follow my heart as to what’s right for us. 

Someone said to me tonight “how brave you are”. I’m not brave. It’s not brave to represent your people. 

I’m leading and standing. It’s what I’ve always done and what I’ll always do.  🙂

I just love you all.

We reached out to Member of Parliament Wayne Long to discuss his stance on the topic, but he was unavailable for a comment. However, in an interview with the Telegraph-Journal, Long confirmed that he received a punishment for voting against his party.

The Atlantic Progressive Conservative Leaders also wrote a letter to Justin Trudeau in regards to the Federal Tax change.


Trudeau has continued to defend the tax change by saying “The issue here is that the current system we have benefits wealthy Canadians and doesn’t give a fair shake to the middle class, and that is one of the things that Canadians asked us to change.”

In the video above it is clear that Trudeau is not worried about anyone that opposes the tax change because he feels like he is doing what Canadians want, but the outpour of disagreement from Canadians whether it be politicians, doctors, small business owners, etc says a different story.


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