Miramichi News: What you can expect when Centennial Bridge closes in 2019! (VIDEO)

While traveling, I decided to take the long way around the Miramichi because the Centennial Bridge had too much traffic to wait.

When I reached the Newcastle side, I realized much of Douglastown traffic chose to do the same thing!

The line ups were still long regardless of amount of traffic avoiding the bridge. I captured a video which gives a small taste of what to expect when the bridge completely closes in 2019.



Of course when the bridge is completely closed there will be a lot more traffic. City officials should be focusing on planning for a solution to the congestion now.

What do you think should be done to plan for the closure?


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4 replies

  1. When the river isn’t frozen they could plan for a ferry system


  2. One area I have seen a problem in the city is the left turn at the lights travelling East at the intersection King George Hwy and Miramichi Blvd by the old courthouse. A left turn arrow should be installed to coincide with the the light for the west bound lane. Huge back up for vehicles turning left travelling East


  3. how long are they planning of closing the bridge for


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