Bathurst News: City approves five-year plan for new roadway work!

During a special meeting on Wednesday October 11th, Bathurst City Council has approved a five-year plan for new roadway work that will take place between 2018 to 2022.

The city is contributing $4.2M and is asking the provincial government for $4.6M for a grand total of is $8.8M as the estimated cost for the entire five-year plan.

They are awaiting approval from the provincial Department of Transport and Infrastructure.

The places and years the work will be done are as follows:

2018 – Bridge Street, Civic address 1930 to Sutherland Avenue
2019 – Bridge Street, Sutherland Avenue to Bass River Bridge
2020 – Bridge Street, Bass River Bridge to City Limits
2021 – Miramichi Avenue, From Bridge Street to Mount Carmel Street
2022 – Miramichi Avenue, Mount Carmel Street to Blanchard Avenue

Here is a visual:


For full details on cost and what is being specifically to each location CLICK HERE


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