17-year-old dies after collision in Hammonds Plains, N.S

Today October 13th 2017, there was a single-vehicle-collision in Hammonds Plains, N.S. The vehicle lost control and rolled into the ditch on Rochester Dr. 

There were two males in the vehicle and the passenger who was a 17-year-old male died at 9:15am. The driver who was also the same age was arreted at the scene of the accident.

Dangerous driving is suspected to be a factor. No word on when/if the driver will appear in court.

The victim was a Grade 12 student at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, N.S.

RCMP have released a statement:

“At 9:15 this morning, a 17-year-old young man from Hammonds Plains was killed following a single-vehicle-collision on Rochester Dr. He was a passenger in a car when it lost control and overturned into a ditch adjacent to the roadway. The driver, also a 17-year old young man, from Hammonds Plains, was arrested at the scene for Dangerous Driving. He was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Rochester Dr. is closed to traffic in the area of the collision while an RCMP collision analyst examines the evidence at the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family at this difficult time.”

For more information CLICK HERE


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