Bathurst News: Police warning about used syringes. 

Bathurst Police Force is warning the public to keep a eye out for used syringes that have been found across the city.

They are asking for the public to not touch or try to dispose of the syringe themselves, as there is a risk of catching diseases. 

If found contact them and they will properly dispose of the syringes to minimize the risk to the public. 

Full statement: 

“The Bathurst Police Force would like to advise the public that used syringes have been found at several locations throughout the city over the past few months. Used syringes cause a major problem as they can carry many different types of diseases. We are asking the public to not touch or try to get rid of the syringes themselves but to contact the Bathurst Police Force to have the syringes properly disposed of. Even a syringe that has been thrown in a garbage receptacle can pose a threat and must be properly disposed of. We would also ask any parents to speak to their children and give them a warning to not touch any syringes if they find them and to report it immediately.”


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