Cheese Please grills The Big Cheese “imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery”

Well this is a cheesy situation. Cheese Please which is a grilled cheese food truck in Fredericton, N.B is calling out a company for “imitation”.

The Big Cheese was at the recent Miramichi FEASTival selling different kinds of cheesy goodness.

However, Cheese Please is telling their fans to beware of imitators, and posted a photo of The Big Cheese food truck from the FEASTival, they said “this isn’t very cheesy”.

Facebook post:


Although we at Cheese Please believe that imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery… this isn’t very cheesy…

We will be opening our first market location soon with others to follow. 

Don’t mistake the imitators with the cheesy creators. 

Stay tuned cheese fans with more cheese to come…”

Cheese Please was met with very mixed commentary,

Some saying things like “I’d be careful calling out a company and trying to slander a name based of nothing”, while their fans were remaining loyal stating “Cheese please is number 1 and will stay number 1 and always number 1” & “they’ve copied even your colours…why…”

Hmm.. maybe because cheese is orange?🤔

However, after the controversy Cheese Please wanted to clarify by stating they are not trying to spread negativity,  but they had hoped that “the owner of this truck can find any original idea instead of attempting to steal ours.”

Hmm.. so there is not other grilled cheese trucks in the world?

This was their full statement after receiving backlash for the post:

“We certainly don’t want to spread any negative vibes cheese fans! We love food trucks and the yummy food they offer. We just don’t think it’s gouda when this happens… McDaniel’s featuring the Big Stack?  

Stay Cheesy : )

We are not posting this picture to hurt anyone’s business and always wish success and prosperity to all food truck operators. We certainly know the time and energy that goes into the development of a good product and brand and hope the owner of this truck can find any original idea instead of attempting to steal ours :——-( We don’t want people looking forward to trying us for the first time from mistaking that for us.   

We will always strive to remain cheesy cheese fans!”

Greens Catering the company who runs The Big Cheese truck just had one thing to say.. “There’s a new Cheese in town!”

Now I’m going to go make a grilled cheese, and hope I don’t get called a imitator.

What do you think about this cheesy situation?


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  1. The original should prevail


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