Sobeys on Windsor St. in Halifax N.S already has christmas tree up!🎄 

This has been a controversial topic for many years. Is it disrespectful to put up Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day? But, how about before both Halloween and Remembrance Day! As the Sobeys on Windsor St. in Halifax, N.S has already put up a christmas tree outside their store.

The photo surfaced on a Facebook group called Dartmouth Newscashers. Some shocked at the fact there was a christmas tree up even before the ghouls and goblins have asked for candy! 

Many stores have adopted policies where they now wait to play Christmas music or put decorations up until after Remembrance Day, however that doesn’t stop stores from selling the decorations. 

Everywhere you go, Walmart, Dollarama, Canadian Tire, etc all have their Christmas decorations on display! 

The Sobeys on North/Windsor was apparently doing Christmas showcase and left the tree outside. Which left the public wondering why they had the tree up.

What do you think about the stores decision to put up a Christmas tree outside before Halloween & Remembrance Day?

(photo was posted to Dartmouth Newscashers)


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