Notre-Dame, N.B citizens concerned about property that they say is unsanitary and an eyesore.

Josèe A Leblanc and other members of the community in Notre-Dame, New Brunswick are unhappy about a property along the highway that is located across from the local Elementary School, and close to a nearby church.

Notre-Dame is located around the intersection of Route 115 and Route 535 on the Cocagne River.

Leblanc expressed her concerns about the area over social media stating that because they are a rural community that is not incorporated so their options are “slim”.

The post read:

“Unbelievable! This is a so called “yard sale” that runs year long in my community of Notre-Dame. Its located at a close approximate to the Notre-Dame Church and the Notre-Dame Elementary School in a rural community. Our options are slim cause our community is not incorporated. Please Share.. this is un sanitary and unacceptable.”

Many members also had lots to say as the property has been like this for a several years, and that when they drive by it is nothing but an eyesore. They also expressed that the conditions are unsanitary and the owner should be forced to clean up the mess.

One woman writes “My mom and I stopped to look a couple of years ago when there wasn’t much out there, so it looked like an actual yardsale, and everything was dirty, full of water, etc. I can only imagine the state of the “merchandise” now.”

The local Liberal MLA of Kent South is Benoît Bourque. Many citizens expressed the need to contact him to ask something be done about the premises.

In the province of New Brunswick there is a Unsightly Premises Act that states Ministers can serve property owners with a notice to clean up, and failure to do so can result in a fine.

People have compared the property to Google Map searches to see how far back the property had “junk” in front of it. 

Although this photo from 2013 does not show as much as now, you can see that it has been set up with tents and items outside for what the locals call a “yard sale”.


According to locals the owner of the building also owns another property where there are several junk vehicles just sitting around.

We reached out to the local MLA to see if there are plans to clean up the premises.

This story will be updated shortly.



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8 replies

  1. We were visiting family in Notre Dame this summer while on vacation and this property was an absolute eye sore. It has become worse and worse over the years and I completely understand why the community would be upset with this in their neighbourhood. The owner should be given a reasonable deadline to have the mess cleared, and if not the town should clear it at the expense of the property owner.


  2. I drive by it often it really is a eyesore it looks more like garbage then yard sale items I’ve never even considered stopping to look at what’s available there …scary …perhaps they should build a barn to store it and protect the items of some value …then perhaps people would stop by and buy things …I’m all for small business but seriously clean it up people


  3. Not Only this site is Disgusting and looks bad in the community i agree but the road safety in the winter time or bad weather with high winds passing by that house is a safety concern. Not only once i passed in that area and objects are being pushed in the roads by bad weather. This road is traffic use every day people going to work.

    Seriously cleaning this up would not hurt and if help is needed i am sure community would gladly help. Before drivers gets hurt or worst.


  4. We live in Notre-Dame and drive by both properties at least once a day to and from work. We can’t even go to the local store without passing by that bunch of trash in front of the beige house. It’s been that way for years and has only gotten worse each year. From what I understand there are children in the building and I am sure there’s rodents scurrying through all that stuff, especially this time of year looking for a place for winter. I understand they may have a need to supplement income but clean it up, use tents/sheds. It’s a definite health/safety issue.


  5. Really thought is was the big garbage day coming up until I saw the yard sale sign…I didn’t stop..


  6. No excuse for that. Having a yard sale year round does not make sense to me. It is just an excuse to accumulate junk and do nothing about it. Have spent many years visiting relatives in Notre Dame and people were very proud of their property. It seems as if some new owners do not have the same values and respect for neighbors. Hope that something will be done soon to force those people to take responsibilities for their actions.


  7. Isn’t there a bylaw that limits the number of yard sales you can have a year without a permits idk I think I heard that before



  1. Remember this property in Notre-Dame, N.B? Heres what it looks like now…​ – Maritime Nightline

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