Advice: Heres how to handle online hate.

If there is one thing that is true about the internet, and social media specifically is that there is a lot of unnecessary negativity! 

The internet is accessible to almost everyone on the planet, so when you get that many personalities in a room obviously there is going to be those that feel the need to say ignorant or hateful things about strangers.

Especially now that anonymous pages are becoming increasingly persistent to allow people to send content via Google Forms anonymously about anyone they simply don’t like.

Cyberbullying was already hard enough to control, but now its even more increasingly hard to extinguish.

As someone who experiences all forms of negative people when doing my show and publicly being so open about who I am, I’ll tell you the best ways to handle it.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is figure out the source of the negativity.

Report the content.

The majority of social media platforms do not tolerate cyberbullying, regardless if its hate speech, harassment, or sexually explicit, it’s not allowed. When you report the content you are letting them know this account is causing issues on their platform.

If it’s a particular person, block them!

The feature was created for a reason. Don’t feel as if you can’t use it in fear of someone thinking you’re overreacting, it’s your profile, your rules. If someone is causing you problems, you have every right to block communication with them.

The best advice on how to handle it after you block them is to document the content if coming from a particular person, ask them to stop. If you ask them, and they continue they can face criminal harassment charges. Especially if the content is threatening, or hate speech.

If it’s a anonymous page, ignore them! 

Many people run to anonymous pages to see what’s on them out of curiosity. Then they stumble upon something about them, the best thing to do is to not look. Don’t ever react to something that’s just hateful. When you react to the content you’re fueling the person behind the screen. 

Starve them from your attention! They don’t deserve a minute of your time.

When people bully others online it shows who they are as a person. 

Talk to someone!

If you’re a teenager and are not sure how to deal with a situation tell someone you trust.

You don’t have to deal with the situation on your own.

Never be afraid to speak up.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know then contact resources like Kids Help Phone. CLICK HERE

They offer 24/7 counselling over the phone and through chat on the website.

If you still need someone to talk to, I’m here for you! Message my page Maritime Nightline. CLICK HERE

What really matters..

You know who you are, nothing anyone says will ever change that! Focus on your life, spend your time doing something productive and bettering yourself or helping others, you only live once.

At the end of the day, “rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”


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