This woman is calling out Sears Canada for dishonest liquidation sale.

Elizabeth MacMillan of Stratford, Ontario decided to check out Sears liquidation sales and was shocked when she discovered a different price under the sticker on the liquidation tag.

The tag read $9.97 but when removed revealed $7.97 underneath.

She said that she looked at a few items she was interested in buying before the liquidation sales began, and now the prices have changed in her words “to offset the discount.”

MacMillan took to social media to make others aware of her experience. Her post has gained more than 11,000 shares.

Her statement read:

“Just an FYI (For Your Information) to anyone looking to check out the liquidation sales at Sears Canada. 
Be very careful and check your prices before buying. I looked at four different items I nearly bought a few weeks ago before the liquidation and all of them had their prices changed and were now higher to offset the “discount”. Almost every item I looked had the original price tag cut or taken off and then a sticker added. 
I was already hesistant about spending money there but now I definitely won’t.
I have made this post public in case anyone wishes to share.”


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2 replies

  1. I was in Moncton the other day and was fishy about how they priced the items. I noticed that their was more that a few prices marked up and not down, it just did not seem right


  2. Yep if a item was thirty percent off it was put back to regular then twenty percent off for clearr out. Watched prices for a week then went in when clearout started. I left. Not gonna scam me.


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