Bathurst Police warning public of nail found in Halloween candy bar. 


(photos posted to Bathurst Police Force Facebook page)

Bathurst Police Force took to social media to warn the public after someone found a nail in their kids candy bar.

The area was Parkwood Heights and the exact address the candy came from is unknown. They are asking the public to check their children candy. 

If there is anything suspicious please contact your local police or RCMP. 

Bathurst Police Statement: 

The Bathurst Police Force would like to warn the public of a complaint of someone finding a nail in a candy bar that was picked up during trick or treating. The candy was gathered from the Parkwood Heights area although an exact address is unknown. We are asking that parents verify all candy and treats that were picked tonight by their children and to contact the Bathurst Police Force if anything suspicious is found.

La Force Policière de Bathurst aimerait avertir le public que quelqu’un aurait trouvé un clou dans une friandise qui a été ramassée pendant la nuit d’Halloween. Le bonbon a été recueilli de la région de Parkwood Heights bien que l’adresse exacte soit inconnue. Nous demandons aux parents de vérifier tous les friandises que leurs enfants ont cueillies ce soir et de communiquer avec la Force Policière de Bathurst si quelque chose de suspect est découvert.

To see the post CLICK HERE


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