Brian Gallant giving Don Arseneault ultimatum: Lobbyist or Liberal MLA!

Today November 2, 2017, premier Brian Gallant told reporters that he is giving MLA Donald Arseneault a choice between being a lobbyist or a MLA, and that he would have to make that choice by tomorrow (November 3rd, 2017) or he will be removed from the Liberal caucus.

He is currently the MLA of the riding of Campbellton-Dalhousie.

This all comes after the New Brunswick Liberal MLA landed a new job as a government lobbyist in Ottawa for the Canadian Building Trades Union, and had planned to hold both titles. 

However, according to Gallant the ultimatum was discussed with Arseneault “several days ago”. Having both jobs puts could possibly put him in conflict of interest position.

Arseneault was not present in legislature when Gallant addressed the topic.

The Liberal MLA now has The Burke Law Group representing him on the conflict of interest allegations.

**The article will be update as more info becomes available**

To watch the sitting from today CLICK HERE


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  1. He’s part of the ATCON 6…..Was booted out of a good position with the Prov. Govt. Gallant can’t touch him!


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