Here’s how Joshua’s Bare Necessities is helping the less fortunate in Saint John, N.B.

(Photo posted to Facebook by Michelle London) 

Joshua London is a grade seven student at Rothesay Park School. He has started a Facebook group called ‘Joshua’s Bare Necessities’. It all started after he went to a local hospital and saw a basket of personal products with a note saying ‘if you need one, take one.’

When he asked his mother why the basket was there she explained that not everyone has the ‘bare necessities’ that we so often take for granted. After returning home from his visit to the hospital he said he started doing research on the poverty of those within the Saint John area.

London organized to have conversation with some local foundations in the area, which ultimately ended in him starting his own to help raise awareness, and collect hygiene items that the groups of people who are less fortunate are in need of.

Not only is he interested in items, but he wants to also help with raising money with getting the items that are not frequently donated but are in dire need of.

The foundations London is working with are:

  • Romero House
  • Coverdale Center for Women
  • Outflow Ministry Men’s Shelter
  • Save Harbour
  • Bobbies Hospice

London’s goal is to bring a couple truck loads of the items that are requested to these organizations and help with a Christmas bag campaign that the Romero House puts together.

To join Joshua’s Bare Necessities on Facebook CLICK HERE

(Photo posted to Facebook by Michelle London)

Joshua’s Statement:

Hi My name is Joshua London and I am a grade 7 student at Rothesay Park School. During a visit to the hospital this summer I noticed a basket of soap and shampoo, with a note attached saying if you need one take one. I began asking my mom, what this was all about. She explained to me that not everyone has the bare necessities we take for granted every day. When we got home, I began to do some research on the less fortunate in Saint John. After some long talks with my family, and a lot of reading online I began emailing some people. I was able to arrange a conversation with a couple of foundations around the city. They certainly opened my eyes about the need in our city. I decided to my own foundation called Joshua’s Bare Necessities to try and help raise awareness and to collect times these groups are desperately in need of.

With Joshua’s Bare Necessities, I would like to be able to collect and keep collecting all the items the foundations have informed me they are in need of. As well, I would like to be able to raise money to purchase the items that normally do not seem to be donated, or items foundations are critically low on. 

Below is a list of some of the items we will be looking for ….

Shampoo (Any size) Deodorant Conditioner 

Hair brush / Comb Lotion Shave Cream 

Vaseline Nail Clippers Foot Powder

Q-tips Powder Alcohol Free Mouthwash 

Toothpaste (any size) Toothbrush Soap 

Body Wash Socks Mittens 

Hats Ponchos Umbrellas

Wipes Band aids Lip blam 

Diapers Books Board games 

School supplies Any food products Cleaning supplies 

Sleeping bags New pillows Art Canvases

Gum Detergent Art supplies 

New Pillows Gently used Yoga Pants Laundry Baskets

Candies Chocolates Dixie cups 

Hard cover journals Pens Small demonization giftcards 

Underwear Gloves Ear plugs 

Garbage bags Scarves Polysporin 

Cleaning supplies Key chains New Make Up 

Butter Playing Cards Razors

Wallet or Change Purse Soap Bubblebath 

Cologne Gently used house hold items Gently used cloths 

Gently used toys Kleenex Hair Elastics 

Gift Cards  

I have had the opportunity to meet or chat with 5 amazing foundations over the last month. These are the 5 foundations that Joshua’s Bare Necessities would like to start fundraising and gathering for. They include Romero House, Coverdale Center for Women, Outflow Ministry Men’s Shelter, Save Harbour and Bobbies Hospice.  

This year I would like to be able to provide at least 1 to 2 truck loads of items that each foundation has requested, as well as, I wold like to be able to help Romero house with their Christmas bag campaign. The Christmas bag campaign provides Christmas bag to those in need with new and practical things most people take for granted in their Christmas Stockings. 

As for fundraising, I would like to sell 50/50 tickets, host a change challenge at school, sell tickets on a toonie board, host a bottle drive and hopefully acquire items to have a raffle. I have even though of starting a challenge between the local schools, to see which school will win the bragging rights of Most Charitable School in the Valley. 

If you, your family or your business would be interested in helping this worthy cause I would greatly appreciate it. I am able to pick up donations (items or financial donations) , just send me a text, email or message on Facebook. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and would like to Thank you in advance for helping to make someone’s day a little brighter or easier. 

Joshua London

(506) 650-7877 (My phone) 

(506) 333-4223 ( My Mom Michelle’s Phone) 

Like us on Facebook ” Joshua’s Bare Necessities”



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