PC Optimum merges PC Plus & Shoppers Optimum points together!

Customers of Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw Companies Ltd.’s stores will soon use a new loyalty program called PC Optimum.

Loblaw is merging the two programs (PC Plus & Optimum) starting Feb. 1, 2018. It should really be no surprise as three years ago Loblaw’s acquired Shoppers Drug Mart.

How it will work…

The change is living consumers wonder how exactly it will work.

Everyone can keep collecting points as they usually do until Feb. 1, 201. Then all of their points will be moved PC Optimum. So if you have $50 in PC Plus or Optimum Points, you will get $50 in PC Optimum points.

There will be one card & app for PC Optimum and can be used at any Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaw Companies Ltd. locations. Consumers can earn points through offers and in-store promotions.

Consumers can start redeeming at 10,000 points which are valued at $10. Every 1,000 points are equal to one dollar.

For more information on the program CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.38.24 AM



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