BREAKING: Website ‘Not For You’ launches against PCNB Leader Blaine Higgs.

A website that takes jabs at the leader of the opposition has surfaced online. The Liberal government has confirmed they are responsible for the website and attack ads.

The website is titled ‘Not For You’ and features the Liberal governments attack Ad at the very beginning.

The domain was registered with eNom Canada Corp, but the website was built with Wix.

The Liberal Government was smart enough to get domain privacy so their information could not be accessed on a public WhoIs LookUp. However, details of when the domain was registered shows back on September 19th, 2017.

The website makes many claims about Higgs stating things like: “It stands to reason that big business is all he knows.”While also taking jabs at his life career with Irving for thirty years.

It asks visitors to ‘Learn More’ about Higgs positions on the following:

  • Higgs on Teachers
  • Higgs on Family Day
  • Higgs on Free Tuition
  • Higgs on Minimum Wage
  • Higgs on Tax Cuts for the wealthy
  • Higgs on Tax Cuts for Big Business

Blaine Higgs has yet to address the site.


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7 replies

  1. This site is Laughable…. I’m no fan of the Conservatives …But here you have the Pot calling the Kettle Black !!!…. We don’t have to look very far to see the corruption of the Liberals… There is hardly a week goes by that more & more details come out about the corrupt Government we have right now… From Property Taxes …To Disappearing petitions Against P3’s….Atcon …Donald Arsenault …. Slick Vic Boudreau… Language Commissioner … Ambulance N.B. … Does anyone get the message ???…I think when they point the finger there’s 3 pointing back at them … Time for a Big change from Both Old Worthless Parties ..Something New ..Like …People’s Alliance !!!

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  2. Totally disgusting. I also thought that the government would be a little different with a younger premier. I was sadly mistaken.

    The liberals must be worried and concerned to allow these kind of tactics to try and discreded Their opposition. They will not gain any votes by insulting a man that has sound ideas and plans for our Province.

    The people will speak out in the next election.

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  3. This is disgusting. It’s all the Liberals know how to do, attack. They clearly can’t govern, they’ve more than proved that. I don’t think the people of NB will like this at all and it will be reflected in the next election. Check out the People’s Alliance (Kris Austin.) Here is a man of honesty & integrity who really cares for our province and will bring common sense to government.


  4. Aw, come on RJ…..anyone who chooses to vote for the Conservatives, either at the Federal or the Provincial level is completely out of touch with what is going on, both in the Province of NB, Ottawa or even the World for that matter….we are humming along very well with terrific political leadership at both levels …We likely will reach a balanced budget in NB, within the next 3 to 4 years if the clear thinking NB’ers vote the Liberal back in office, for one more term…. At the Federal level, the Liberal Government has brought us back to respectability both at home and internationally…not to mention the wonderful job PM Trudeau has done to make all Canadians feel like they are part of our envied country and matter….Disrupting the current Governments in our Province and in Ottawa in the next couple of years would be both tragic and unwise….At the Federal level, the alternative to PM Trudeau would be Andrew (Mini-Harper) Scheer, who other than ranting and saying how ineffective our current PM is, has absolutely no plans or ideas as to what he would do in the alternative…With his silly sheepish smiling, I’m afraid that he would be terribly ineffective… And besides, he is not being called Mini-Harper, for no reasons…he obviously would be a return to that Stephen Harper way of doing things…Don’t forget what he did to our country in his tenure as the Canadian PM…Two of the most serious things, being that he ordered our military to drop bombs, on countries we had no business in doing. Creating indescribable horror for the citizens of these countries and he used to hide from the Provincial Premiers instead of dealing with their issues….. I’m afraid Scheer just would not be taken seriously by anyone, especially other world leaders and would be just another voice in the wind….Regarding the Provincial scene, I have absolutely no way of knowing what Mr. Higgs stands for or what he would do as the Premier of our wonderful Province….He has either been hiding or has not said anything worthwhile to make the news since his nomination, to lead the sad sack Conservatives…..


  5. It is very clear that those people still willing to vote Liberal or Conservative have learned nothing over the last 50 years. The Old two party system has fail New Brunswick and Canada miserably , corruption has been allowed to run wild under the Liberals and Conservatives, nothing has changed or will it ever change under those two parties. Many are waking up and understand that real true change is needed to bring prosperity and a future back . A fresh new non-corrupt party is needed , people have to STOP the old Blind Sheep voting ways of their past and open their eyes and minds. There are other choices out there that can make this happen. Take the time to view their platforms, go to a meeting, ask some questions and learn first hand how it can be done. STOP listening to the street talk from those ignorant ones that have no clue as to what is going on and what the new smaller parties are all about.Valid Information is Education and makes you a responsible informed voter , not a Blind Sheep Voter because thats the way you and your family has voted for years. The Old two parties have changed over the years and not for the good of the people, they have changed only for the good of their party and screw the people. In 2018 , my vote will be for the Peoples Alliance of NB, they are the peoples party. Take the time to find out for yourself and make your vote count for all NBers.


  6. Hello,

    I noticed your article on our website. We launched our comparison ads with this website on October 17, 2017. We did a media release and press conference at the time in Fredericton. The media release can be found on our website here:

    All the best.

    On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 9:21 PM, Maritime Nightline wrote:

    > maritimenightline posted: “A website that takes jabs at the leader of the > opposition has surfaced online. The website is titled ‘Not For You’ and > features the Liberal governments attack Ad at the very beginning. The > domain was registered with eNom Canada Corp, but the website was” >


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