Shelly Vance official candidate for People’s Alliance of N.B in Miramichi Bay-Neguac!

On November 18th, 2017, the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick Miramichi Bay-Neguac riding association held a nomination convention at the Miramichi Kin Centre.

The spot for candidacy was uncontested as the evening started off by Eric Anderson withdrawing his nomination leaving Shelly Vance as the only nominee to represent the riding under the PANB (People’s Alliance of NB).

Eric Anderson said that the reason he made the decision to withdraw his name for the nomination was that he had to make a decision to either run in politics or take a leave without pay as an RCMP officer during his time while running.

As previous reported Vance spoke to me about why she wanted to run and we also spoke on some important issues affecting the area. To read CLICK HERE

Vance spoke on the current provincial debt, and compared politics to customer service by saying:

“I have been taking care of people for over thirty years, I still get to work with the public, listen to their needs, take care of their concerns, make changes where possible, and be a voice to make a difference. Well folk’s, that’s customer service, and that’s politics.” 

She spoke at a time that she was a small business owner and blamed the government for the taxes they made to small businesses that caused her family to relocated to western Canada. Vance said that needs to stop, and people need to stay in the province and have a comparable wage.

Vance also spoke on the two health authorities and the school busing system that has English/French students on different buses. Stating that we don’t need segregation or two health authorities and that we need to make changes then invest that money back into education and healthcare.

“This is what I see happening, first we put the liberals in government, and then we change to conservatives. Well, this is my stance on that folks, I say it’s just like changing a dirty pair of red socks and putting on a dirty pair of blue ones. What we need is a brand new pair of purple ones!” – Shelly Vance 

Kris Austin spoke shortly after Vance and started by saying he believes they could take on an election tomorrow. Then he discussed the current government and spoke on many issues affecting the province.

Austin said that Vance has an advantage that she will be able to lead the people of Miramichi Bay-Neguac without a party whip like the Liberal & Conservatives party members. Instead of democracy, Austin insisted that “what we have in New Brunswick today is a party-ocracy.”

While Austin also spoke on education, the separation of the school buses, healthcare, and spraying, I have to call fear-mongering on the fact that he said, “I even heard they are going to start taking paramedics and have them doing home visits between calls” in regards with the privatization of extramural which is FALSE.

Fact: OFF DUTY paramedics can sign up after January 1st, 2018 through Medavie for extra shifts to assist extramural if approved.

Austin continued to fear monger by saying “so you got a paramedic in a home changing a bandage, a call comes in as an emergency someones having a heart attack, a vehicle accident, and there that paramedic has to make a decision do I abandon that patient that I’m working on now or go to that emergency.”

Although he stumbled on the words Miramichi Bay-Neguac while speaking Austin did not stumble his words when speaking about Progressive Conservative Southwest Miramichi Bay Du Vin MLA Jake Stewart stating that he signed the deal with J.D. Irving Ltd. on the Doaktown mill.  Austin said, “Nothing surprises me anymore in politics. Until I heard Jake Stewart barking about the mill in Doaktown, and I’m thinking you signed the deal. You voted for the very deal that you’re complaining about. Give me a break.”

After Austin was finished speaking, Vance had the opportunity to finish the evening with last thoughts with her daughter standing beside her on stage. Vance says she wants to be apart of the change, and she promises to work hard. Thanked her association president Claude Stewart, her daughter, and Kris Austin.

Ending it all by saying, “People’s Alliance for the win.”


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